Today NOW founder Steven G. talks about why – and how – his showrooms make life easier for clients, and reveals why this concept will be the future of affordable high quality interior design.


How do you find the right furniture showroom?

Steven G.: The average interior design showroom is designed to sell product – that is their core business. They are not set up to give you a beautifully decorated home at an affordable price. Customers should always keep this in mind.

Even if these showrooms wanted to provide customers with quality products at lower costs – not to mention giving them the proper guidance throughout the process – interior designers would have to radically change the way they build their showrooms, and that is a huge expense.


Then how does NOW give such a high quality experience at such an affordable rate?

Steven G.: Buying in bulk is the first step. This brings the costs for products way down. Then we are able to pass those savings back to the client. There is, however, much less flexibility in the product itself. When you buy in bulk, what you see is usually what you get. We can make this happen at NOW by Steven G. because we are constantly pushing the boundaries of showroom design.


Is this the future? A top interior designer’s all-in-one, high-end showroom?

Steven G.: We believe the NOW model could be the future of affordable interior design. These showrooms could be the norm all over the country. It has that kind of potential.  Personally, I don’t want to expand that far. I would rather focus on my core business – interior design. That being said, our showrooms are making our lives – and our clients’ lives – a lot easier.

Right now, clients have to meet with designers at designated centers, and these places are usually off the beaten path. If I was the client, and I was being dragged from center to center, my head would spin. I would be so confused. How could I make any smart design decisions? NOW is so much easier.


This model – does it only work for certain markets, such as Miami or New York? Or is this something that could work anywhere?

Steven G.: It could work anywhere, in any language, in any city. NOW recently installed model units for rental communities in Washington, and it has been very successful. We’re based in South Florida, so of course it works here, but this concept can work everywhere.

We would have to tweak the product, depending on the area. If you have more traditional tastes and are, say, looking for a sofa with tassels and fringe, then right now we wouldn’t be able to help you. NOW is definitely more contemporary, more modern…but our team of licensed designers can create beautiful interiors in any style. And of course, every location would offer the white glove treatment from Steven G. We pride ourselves on our services. No client is too big or small. NOW is all about providing luxury at an affordable price.


One of the things that makes NOW work is having a top tier, ultra-premium company attached to it like Interiors by Steven G. Where do you see NOW heading? How does it fit into this empire?

As an interiors design firm, it gives us a tremendous edge. We can work on both ends of the spectrum. At INTERIORS, we are famous for our high end interior designs. With the NOW showroom model, we can bring these design principles to new markets. It opens up an entire new world of opportunity.