Interior design decisions always come down to budget.

Even members of the high net worth club want more economical options when it comes to designing their homes – especially secondary or vacation homes. No client should have to sacrifice quality and style to stay within budget.

This is why we opened NOW by Steven G. Our clients have access to high-end interior design – done by professional designers – with a very favorable price tag. So how does NOW do it?

In this interview, NOW founder Steven G. reveals how he discovered the design breakthrough the world has been waiting for.

What is NOW by Steven G?

Steven G.: NOW designs affordable luxury. Our professional designers have created complete interiors at specific price points. Clients can walk through our showroom and select a concept that speaks to them. We provide the best value for fully finished, turnkey design packages.

Why does the world need NOW?

Steven G.: I don’t take credit for inventing the concept. Some of these ideas have been around for many years. But I – unlike anyone else in the industry – have reinvented these old ideas to take interior design (and showroom display) to the next level.

How can NOW help potential buyers? 

Steven G.: Think about the vacationer, or the young couple who just moved in together. How do these people get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to interior design?

How can corporations and businesses furnish entire condominiums or apartments for their traveling executives without breaking the bank?

Interiors by Steven G. has been doing this kind of service for 30 years, but we didn’t promote it, and we certainly didn’t build an entire business on the idea. Three years ago, I decided to build a showroom specifically for NOW. The space has 17 distinctive room settings to choose from. Each room is designed to perfection – complete with furniture, window treatments, artwork, area rugs, wall coverings, accessories, and greenery.

Our clients can choose from any of these complete, custom packages for their new homes. No one in the industry has done this. We are the first!

How about NOW’s success? 

Steven G.: Even with little marketing and promotion, NOW’s success has been amazing. We are already overwhelmed with appointments. We have clients who call us and say, “We just bought a small villa, a two bedroom condo, and we need to finish it!” And we’re able to give these clients a complete design concept starting at $35k. No one else is doing this.

When their homes are finished, it looks like they hired a top professional designer – and they did, but at no extra cost! High-end design has never been easier.
How does NOW do it?

Steven G.: We have an exceptional team of licensed interior designers. The team is there to guide clients in the right direction, and help them select a package that best fits their budgets and lifestyles. We even offer the same white glove service as Interiors by Steven G.

The only thing that we don’t have at NOW is factory flexibility. In order to get the best prices for our clients, we have to buy products in bulk. So with NOW, we might have only 3 different types of leather or 5 different fabrics (as opposed to the 300 types of leathers and 500 fabrics at Interiors). But we are only at the beginning of this journey. Who knows what the future has in store.